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Ruth Nakaar
Hi, my name is Ruth Nakaar and I’m the founder of Fudena.

Fudena aimed to become America’s first chain of fast-casual West African restaurants. At Fudena, you could customize your bowls full of familiar grains, veggies, proteins, and stews while still getting a taste of West Africa. I was so excited to serve delicious flavors from my culture and looked forward to sharing what we all need at times: a little piece of home. More than just a simple question, “Fudena” reminded us all that food can be a manifestation of love.

Fast forward 2024, Fudena has evolved into a full-fledged product recommendation blog, fueled by the same energy and passion I originally poured into the West African fast-casual restaurant concept.

Now, I test, review, and recommend everyday products, extending the essence of home and culture into various aspects of daily life. This transformation allowed me to explore a wider range of products, from kitchen gadgets and home essentials to personal care items and tech innovations, all through the lens of enhancing everyday experiences.

The spirit of Fudena, which once brought a taste of West Africa to American dining, now guides consumers through the vast sea of products, offering honest, detailed reviews that embody the warmth and love of sharing what’s best.
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